Been There Done That

Have you been there? You know that place in life in which nothing makes sense, nothing seems to work, everything seems to be falling apart, and heaven is silent? If you are not there now, chances are you have been there or may visit there in the future. It seems that this place, often called the wilderness, is part of everyone’s life cycle. That does not mean that the wilderness is welcomed or desired rather, more the opposite.

Wandering through the life wilderness does not mean that God has vanished or that all is lost. Good things come from wilderness experiences. For example, it was in the wilderness that Moses met God (Exodus 3). It was in the wilderness that the children of Israel experienced God’s provision (Exodus 16). It was in the wilderness that Jesus overcame Satan’s temptations (Luke 4).

Nothing is lost in the life wilderness; rather, life’s wilderness is a place from which you can emerge stronger, wiser, and full of God’s Spirit (Luke 14:4). Do not allow the spiritual aridness of the wilderness to breed doubt, to cause feelings of God-forsakenness, or to hinder diligent determination. You are not alone in the life wilderness. It is a been there done that place. Instead, hold fast to what is true. God exists and he promised never to leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 11:6; 13:5). Knowing the truth about the wilderness will enable you to emerge victorious!

Hang in there!
Pastor Gary