word from pastor – untold stories

A favorite story recorded in the Bible is the account of Jesus walking on the water. However, someone else walked on the water that day with Jesus. Peter, the rush-into-everything, foot-in-the-mouth Apostle, did what no other regular guy had done before or since that time! He walked on the water with Jesus!

Imagine what might have gone through Peter’s mind as he stood on the edge of that boat and looked at the water. As he sat on the bow of the boat, he may have had second thoughts. Perhaps he remembered Jesus’ admonition the last time they were in the boat and were fearful because of the storm. Regardless, Peter pushed himself over the side and stood on the water! It held him up and he began walking out to meet Jesus!

Peter was not the only disciple in the boat that day. In fact, the Bible makes it clear all of the disciples were in the boat (Matthew 14:22). All of the disciples saw Jesus. All of the disciples heard Jesus invitation to “Come.” Thus, the other disciples had the same opportunity to walk on the water as Peter. However, theirs is the untold story. Theirs is an untold story because they did not take a step of faith and experience a life-changing event. They missed the opportunity to tell others how they walked on the water with Jesus.

Like the disciples on the boat that day, many people fail to seize the daily opportunities to step out in faith and walk on the water with Jesus. How many untold stories exist because believers did not take steps of faith to witness, to pray, to give, or to love? Jesus desires for all to step over the side of the boat and live in such a way that faith stories explode out of a growing and dynamic relationship with him! Let the day of untold stories end and let a new day of faith stories begin! Walk on the water with Jesus!